Ensuring the Quality of Proficiency Test Items (16:30 – 18:30)

The training will focus on the requirements set in ISO/IEC 17043 to PT providers related to the quality of the proficiency test items. It is also aimed to allow participants to interpret better the information on the quality of proficiency test items.

The design of fit-for-purpose schemes influences the criteria to be met to assure sufficient homogeneity and stability of the proficiency test items. An important section of the design is the selection of the methods to derive the assigned values and the standard deviation for performance assessment.

The potential use of “surplus” proficiency test items beyond proficiency assessment can be perceived as an additional “quality” by participants. Hence, other information, such as the extension of shelf-life, is required to support this.

Different statistical approaches to the assessment of homogeneity and stability of the PT test items, set by various standards and guidelines, will be presented. The challenges, dilemmas and pitfalls will be discussed.

The Question and Answer session will be devoted to your “real life” situations where experiences about difficult cases will be shared and discussed.

A dedicated web application will be used during the training session.

Trainers: Kees van Putten, Marina Patriarca, Piotr Robouch