Brian Brookman

Brian Brookman, formerly the Chief Scientific Officer for LGC’s global PT business, and now working as a consultant on proficiency testing, has over forty-five years’ experience in analytical science, the past thirty years in the field of analytical quality, particularly concerned with proficiency testing. He has been involved, around the world, in various training and consultative projects concerned with developing proficiency testing and the accreditation of PT providers.


Brian is very active at the national, European and international level with respect to the development and harmonisation of good practice in proficiency testing. He is currently Chair of the ILAC Accreditation Issues Committee 17043 Working Group, Chair of the Eurachem Proficiency Testing Working Group, Chair of the EA-Eurolab-Eurachem (EEE) Joint Working Group on Proficiency Testing in Accreditation and Chair of the UK Working Group on Proficiency Testing. He is an ILAC liaison at the ISO/CASCO Working Group that is revising ISO/IEC 17043.

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