Ian Mann

Since 1998, Ian is a lead assessor at the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). His background is chemistry and as an assessor the main fields of activity are medical, environmental and food analysis laboratories. He is also responsible within the SAS for the accreditation of proficiency testing (PT) providers. He is a member of a few working groups at the European and international level. In particular, Ian is a member of the EEE-PT (EA -Eurolab-Eurachem) WG on PT in accreditation, working group, which has produced a few guidance documents to help the laboratories better understand the use of PT, in particular within their accreditation process. Ian is also a member of the ILAC AIC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – Accreditation Issues Committee), where he contributes in particular to the medical, anti-doping and PT working groups.

My Sessions

Risk Analysis Approach for PT Participation (11:00 – 11:30)