Kate Baryla (Secretary)

Kate Baryla is the Head of Quality for LGC Proficiency Testing.

Kate achieved her Master degree at the Lindenwood University (USA) and Maria Curie Sklodowska University (Poland). She joined the LGC in 2009 as a Technical Manager for Chemistry Proficiency Testing (PT) Schemes. In this role, Kate was mainly involved in research, design and management of the PT schemes. In her current role, as Head of Quality, Kate manages the Quality Management System (QMS) for LGC’s proficiency testing operations.

Kate has presented on the topic of proficiency testing at events such as the ICUMA (International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis) Symposium and provided various training to PT participants and PT providers. She is co-author of posters on various aspects of proficiency testing that have been presented at events such as the Eurachem PT Workshops and the International Symposium of AOAC. She is a member of the Eurachem PT WG and the UK PT WG

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