Finlay MacKenzie

Finlay MacKenzie is the Director and Lead Scientist of Birmingham Quality, which is the largest UK NEQAS Centre for Clinical Chemistry.

He is an NHS Consultant Clinical Scientist and is Organiser of many EQA Schemes in Clinical Chemistry, but is perhaps most well-known for the UK NEQAS for Thyroid Hormones.  His biggest interest is in trying to demystify some of the statistics that haunt the EQA arena and has been instrumental in using graphical output to explain laboratory and method performance in regular reports and commentaries.

He sits on the UK NEQAS Executive Board and was a former Secretary of EQALM (the European EQA providers association).  He has contributed to several EFLM TFGs on Performance Specifications in Laboratory Medicine (TF-PS). He was a member of the IFCC Committee on Standardisation of Thyroid Function Tests and sits on the IFCC Working Group on Commutability.

With over thirty five years’ experience in EQA provision, he is well placed to speak to the audience not only on today’s topic, but also to champion the usefulness of EQA and even discuss some of the newer innovations from Birmingham Quality / UK NEQAS Chemistry.

My Sessions

Comparisons of Synthetic vs Real PT Items (09:15 – 09:45)